Retail And Mall

Retail and Mall

Aspirant Security provides retail security to retail sector like shopping malls, retail stores, departmental stores. It has a team of professionally trained security personnel that are always alert and responsive to the needs of the customers. No matter what the size of retail business is, Aspirant Security provides services to guard against retail theft.  We offer customized services to protect stores from all types of threats, including robbery and theft.
Loss prevention officers in plain clothes will be positioned throughout the store, always keeping an eye on your high-value items to protect your store from threat.
Our security team will be on the floor every day, conducting bag checks and floor walks.
Staffing security personnel at the store’s busiest times of day or assigned rounds through the store to monitor and discourage theft.
We provide an in-store uniformed deterrence, so your store is protected by an officer who will patrol the store and deter shoplifters.
Cover every corner of your store with strategically placed uniformed officers.